Your life is a canvas: how will you paint yours?

So it has actually happened! Drum bells, please because I’m…

… Wait for it…


I’m so proud and so excited to bring you a little sneak peak of my article called, “Your life is a canvas: how will you paint yours?”

“A couple of months ago I moved from my beloved Prague in the Czech Republic to Australia. Now I live in Sydney, a city that is literally on the other side of the globe and even though I have travelled a lot, I still feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland sometimes. There are so many new and exciting things like kangaroos, bandicoots and koalas, flip flops even in winter time, flat whites and of course, Vegemite. But most of all, there are the people.

They cruise the streets on skateboards or holding a surfboard under their arms, smile and not only they do they look cool, happy and awesome, they actually really are cool, happy and awesome!

It’s not like Aussies are undercover unicorns living in a rainbow or something (or… are they?!). So what is it that makes them so nice, chilled out and with a ‘no worries’ attitude, unlike Czechs for example, who are much more nervous, grumpy and ‘realistic’ (a fancy word for border- line nihilism)?…”

Would you like to read the whole article and much more awesomeness from the Dream chaser edition? Check the whole magazine out in HERE! It’s only $2.99 (yes, that’s right!) for over 100 pages of pure inspiration!;-)

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