When your heart is calling you (changes happening again)


Hola, sweet soul!

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you. And I’m sorry.

This is going to be a long post because I kind of feel like I should explain what’s been going on.

You see, when I started my biz in early 2014 I had this wonderful idea about how I’ll not only go Czech, but international too. Actually, I was super scared of having Czech clients because even though, I lived in Prague and those were the peeps I was surrounded with, I didn’t really believe anyone was interested in my message back then. In the international waters on the other hand, I felt like a fish in a sea! After all, I studied coaching in Canadian S.W.A.T. Institute and had most of my practice and real-life clients from Canada, USA and UK.

So when I made the decision to move to Australia, I was like, “This totally makes sense, all the unicorn people are definitely ready for me, LETS DO THIS!”

And I left everything behind and off I went, forgetting (once again) that actually, it’s never about others but ME instead.

You know how you sometimes try to convince yourself of something… How you wanna have it YOUR way because all the other options are kind of scary and that’s precisely why it all ends up happening differently than what you wanted or expected?;-)

Well, for me the first sign that my “Czechs don’t care about empowerment” belief was a bit shaky came when only 3 days before I was about to leave to Sydney, two women contacted me to become my long-term clients. Just like that. Out of nowhere as I haven’t even properly promoted my services anywhere! Hmmm…

Anyways! I left and since then I was trying to juggle in between my Czech and Aussie biz… Which basically, meant running two businesses in two totally different settings, languages and mindsets, while settling in a completely new country I was to call home now at the same time. Alone. With no solid background, establishment, network of people and with pretty much zero biz experience.


I was going nuts. Because surprise, surprise, the “I’ll just translate everything from one language to another and it will be just fine!” strategy reeeeeally didn’t work.

My brain hurt from constantly trying to prioritise, manage and handle everything and still, no matter how hard I tried, there was this huge guilt that when I was doing something for my Czech biz, it was on the Aussie’s expense and the other way around.

Because rationally, it makes no sense to work with Czech peeps who live across the whole globe and who I’m separated by 16.000 Km and 10 hour difference with, right? It makes no sense to earn Czech crowns that would make up for a nice living back in Prague but for which I can hardly buy basic groceries in Sydney.

Rationally, it’s much better to focus on building my Aussie (and international) client base… Because we get up and go back to bed at pretty much the same hours, we all use $, we can actually meet in person and give each other real, live hugs (what?! People still meet outside of Skype and Facebook today?!:-))… Besides, peeps in Sydney were supposed to be ready for my message, right?!

Well, once again, life has shown me the very truth I keep stubbornly convincing my clients of while successfully forgetting to apply it myself;

Rational means “safe”. But safe doesn’t necessarily mean “right”.

And that’s why listening to your heart is so important. Because the priority of you inner compass is never safety, but love and therefore, joy instead.

And so during my Full Moon ritual in May I finally had a major epiphany.


Why am I doing this to myself?

Why am I exhausting myself and focusing on all the SHOULDS when all I’m teaching is to let go and have fun?!

What if I just stopped doing what I think I SHOULD and instead, started ONLY doing what I WANT?!

What if I simply followed my freakin’ heart again?!

And so I did!

I made the decision to focus 100% on my Czech biz.

Because the truth is, every time I have an idea, every time I come up with a new project, product or service, every time I feel like I have a new message to share… I ALWAYS think Czech. I have the vision in Czech, I verbalise it in Czech, I think it and feel it in Czech. And I would never believe I’d say this, but I feel like after all, it all makes much more sense in Czech too. Because the Czech peeps are ready for me and my message. They need me. And I need them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not dumping my Aussie work or something!

I will still hold events, offer coaching and Tarot readings, the Women’s circles will still be on…

But I’ll no longer do it because I feel like I should. I will only do it because I want to. Because it’s fun and I love it. Because I’d do it anyways, having an official business or not.

So the whole message I’m trying to communicate in here is that you’re still dear to me, panda bear. You are. And I’m super grateful for you reading this right now and for you being part of my reality. I’m still here for you if you’d ever like to connect.

Just don’t expect any regular blogs, vlogs, Facebook posts (except the weekly Oracle. I love that one!;-) or newsletters from me anymore.

I really thought I could manage it all… But I simply can’t anymore. My heart is calling me into a different direction. A direction I didn’t expect at all. But I’m going anyways.

Thank you for reading till here and stay true to your heart, shiny mermaid! ;-) <3

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