Tarot Life Symbols and how to find out yours

Did you know you’re born not only under a specific astrological constellation and a zodiac sign, but a Tarot symbol too?

Yep! It’s called your Life Symbol and it’s a really cool tool for becoming more understanding, aware and conscious of your life with all its gifts and challenges again!

Based on our date of birth, each and every one of us has a specific theme to master in life. Your Tarot Life Symbol will show you which exactly it is and what gifts and challenges go hand in hand with it in this life time.

Basically, if you’re experiencing a lot of drama in a specific area of your life (or all of them), your Life Symbol will give you a hint on why this is happening and what you can do about it (warning; since it’s your life symbol, it’s usually about lifelong stuff ;-).

Personally, I think knowing your Life Symbol is absolutely crucial and kinda basic for understanding who you actually are, which is also why I use this tool in my Tarot Therapy sessions for example.

Soooo, are you curious what your symbol is?;-)

In this video you’ll find out how you can calculate it and I’m gonna give your some interpretation tips too!:-)

Have fun, magic maker!


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