Tarot & fortune telling (and why I think it’s a bad idea)

Tarot and fortune telling.

Another HUGE topic.

In fact, the only reason some people read cards in the first place.

So, can you really predict the future using Tarot?

And if not, how come some readings DO actually come true?

Here’s my view and opinion on this and the reasons why I’m not a big fortune telling fan. Because…

  1. You’re the creator of your life. And even though, there might be some ‘predestined’ points in your life, you’re still the one riding the horse.
  2. The only thing that you can actually do something about is the NOW. Not tomorrow, not in two weeks or in a couple of years time, but today and even better, this very minute.
  3. Fortune telling can be quite dangerous because the law of attraction and self-fulfilling prophecy work like crazy (especially when you worry about something).
  4. I’m a recovering control freak myself. :-)

As usual, I’d love you to pop any question that you might have down below into the comments and I’d be happy to answer and clarify!;-)



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