Tarot Alchemy

Step outside your problems

Look into your Tarot mirror and see WHAT’s happening and WHY 

Hear the voice of your heart

Translate it into action

What is Tarot Alchemy?

Ohhh, let me explain, gorgeous! (I’m super passionate about this if you can’t tell!;-)

Tarot Alchemy is the art of combining deeper intuitive knowledge with some really easy, down-to-earth coaching exercises, that will help you to bring your insights into actual practice.

In other words, it’s a way of blending the ancient wisdom of Tarot with practical coaching tools so that not only you can learn the what and why, but the how too!

The central idea of Tarot Alchemy and the way I work with Tarot is empowerment.  I truly and deeply believe it’s you who has all the answers. I’m only here to help you shine the light on them. Because…

You are the creator of your life. You are the guru and the magic you’re looking for.

Tarot (sweet) Box

Pick your treat!;-)

Spring Plan(t) Reading

Ready for a fresh start with the spring breeze, lovely?

In this 35-minute reading you will find out…
  • The Seed: What shall I seed and cultivate this year?
  • The Stem: What are my strengths? What is the foundation for my growth right now?
  •  Letting go Leaf: What shall I let go of in order to grow?
  • Receiving Leaf: What shall I open up to support my growth?
  • The Blossom: Gifts and blessings I will bloom into this year


(This reading is for about 35 minutes)

60-minute open reading

Open 60-minute Tarot coaching in which you can ask about whatever topic you’re currently dealing with and find your answers for questions like…

Why the heck is this happening?

What‘s the true meaning and lesson I should get out of it?

How can I make things work?

What’s the advice? What’s the warning?


(This reading is for about 60 minutes)

The 'either-or' Reading

For all the crossroads moments when you’re facing a decision or have to make a choice; Should you go left or right?

This 6 cards reading  will help you to unveil the possible blessings & challenges (based on your present situation) of both the options and compare them with one and another.



(This reading is for about 30 minutes)

30-minute open reading

Open 30-minute Tarot coaching in which you can ask about whatever topic you’re currently dealing with and find your answers for questions like…

Why the heck is this happening?

What‘s the true meaning and lesson I should get out of it?

How can I make things work?

What’s the advice? What’s the warning?


(This reading is for about 30 minutes)

Tarot Mentoring

Have you got stuck with your own reading? Are you finding it difficult to get a non-bias view on your own situation? Do you just need a skilled outsider who can clearly see what you simly can’t from your own position?

Yey, you’ve come to the right place, mermaid!:-)

In Tarot mentoring…

  • We’ll go through your readings and all the parts you’re having a hard time with
  • We’ll look at anything that doesn’t make sense to you and analyse it together
  • I’ll help you to step back and finally see what’s difficult to reveal on your own
  • You’ll strengthen your intuition and the understanding of your cards
  • You’ll get a great chance to ask anything you ever wanted about Tarot but you might have been too scared ;-))

$60 (30 minutes)

$110 (60 minutes)

Every started extra 10 minutes = $18!

Available both via Skype or in person in Manly on Wednesdays and Fridays in Qi Health & Yoga (real hand shakes & hugs style)!

All Skype readings include an Mp3 recording (optional) and photos of all your spreads

What to expect:

  • Understanding where you’re at right now and why (that’s the intuitive bit ;-)
  • Knowing what to do next and HOW (that’s the practical, coaching-like bit!)
  • Me asking questions! I wanna know what YOU see and how YOU feel about the cards that come up, mermaid!
  • Gaining clarity and finally knowing
  • Reconnecting with your body & intuition and having lots of insights
  • Feeling empowered and self-trusting… Like you’ve had the answers all along
  • Thinking this Tarot thing is much more fun than you originally thought!:-))

What NOT to expect:

  • Me predicting your future! Sorry, darling, but the whole point of Tarot alchemy is to get you PRESENT with the current situation and with what’s going on right here & right now. That’s where your power to become conscious and make a real shift is.
  • A psychic reading. I’m not a psychic (I wish I’d be one!), “just” a deeply intuitive and empathetic chick who works with what’s directly in front of her.
  • Simple YES or NO answers. Tarot works with symbols and interpretations and with what meaning they hold for YOU. Therefore, get ready for your heart and brain to be picked!;-)
  • Me giving you all the answers. I’m here to EMPOWER you. Not to tell you what’s right or wrong for you. Only YOU can know that and all I can do is to guide you towards this wisdom.
  • A reading on third parties. Because Tarot is all about YOUR perception, YOUR journey and YOUR empowerment.

Here is what other shiny stars have said about my readings

Receiving a tarot card reading from Karolina was like having a direct connection with The Universe and downloading insight straight from my spirit guides. In addition to discovering my Life Path card and unveiling the insights this had for me, we also targeted a difficult situation that had been on my mind for a long time. Wise, gentle and unerringly accurate, Karolina smoothly and easily uncovered the hidden emotions and history behind my question before offering judgement-free guidance and advice. A modern mystic with a grounded yet spirited approach to tarot! Thank you, Karolina.
Cass, Sydney
LOVE LOVE LOVED my session with Karolina. Her passion for what she does was so infectious and powerful. She was so great in guiding me into awarenesses that I held within. She also offered up really great practical tools to use outside of the session. I felt she could see and feel into my needs for the reading. Even better all in the comfort of my own home! Thank you Karolina.
Lauren, Melbourne
“Thank you Karolina for the amazingly intuitive reading that you gave me. When I saw Karolina’s offer something in me said that I needed to have a reading with her. So I did. It was so funny as she started out by telling me that she is not psychic and just goes with what the cards tell her, she then proceeded to channel the entire reading which was so spot on. Not only did she accurately tell of the year I had just had but also the challenges I faced now and where they were going to take me too. It is about 4 months since my reading and I still think back to it often, especially when I need the motivation to keep creating the beautiful life that I am creating. “
Sandra, Sydney
Karolina’s reading was perfect in so many ways. Everything was so smooth and natural. I was finally able to view my own life from angles I would never think of before. It was beautiful and authentic and I was leaving the session on a little cloud of inner peace. I recommend the reading to anyone who wants to look into her heart and understand what’s going on, but also to anyone who might be just curious.”
Monika, Prague, Czech Republic
I totally recommend Karolina’s Tarot reading! She is just brilliant. You definitely don’t have to worry about not being able to express your thoughts as you will have a very skilled guide who will help you to look within.”
Judita, Prague, Czech Republic
“Having a reading with Karolina was so comforting, eye opening and inspiring. She was able to describe my present situation even better than I was and helped me to understand what steps to take. I was feeling lost and stuck and Karolina’s loving and accepting support made me feel safe and confident. She has this special gift to allow you to realise what you already know, to tap into your own deep wisdom and feel strength and confidence within yourself. I highly recommend her work. It’s a blessing in the world!”
Fernanda, Sydney
I was hesitating between two possible directions for my business. Before Karolina started the reading, she asked a couple of clarifying questions and they made me realise that in my heart I already knew the answer. The cards confirmed what I knew. Karolina outlined the pros and cons for both options in a way that made complete sense, and the option I was leaning towards looked a lot more appealing. A difficult decision made easy!
Tatiana, Sydney
“I decided to start trying new things. Things I might even consider weird and hard to grasp which a Tarot reading definitely is to me. Karolina’s reading has touched me deeply. In a good way. She knows how to gently open topics that are aching and that you don’t want to look into. And such an opening, no matter what reaction it triggers, is so refreshing. So if you would like to see yourself or an important topic from a different point of view and you want to be guided by someone who is understanding and bursting with positive energy, Karolina is the one.”
Anna, Prague, Czech Republic
“Changing your life means changing how you do things first. I felt like having a Tarot reading would be the best start into getting a better understanding of myself and I’m so happy to find Karolina because the combination of her personality together with the reading work like a magical potion. It cost me just a couple of bucks and an hour of time to understand my personality and to start projects I might would have put aside forever.”
Vendula, Smrzovka, Czech Republic

Who am I?! A.k.a. why work with me?

about profil3

I’m glad you’re asking, darling, as I love getting to know each other a bit more!

I’m a certified Tarot reader who’s been journeying with Tarot since 2010. I’m also a S.W.A.T. Coach which doesn’t make me a Special Weapon and Tactics killing machine (sorry!), but a Simply Woman Accredited Trainer. On top of that, I’m also a proud holder of a MSc. degree in Medical Anthropology.


Basically, what that means is that I’m a big people lover who believes in the essential goodness and wisdom of everyone’s heart.

In my work I combine psychological and therapeutical principles with coaching, spiritual teachings, intuition and shiny hippie stuff to help gorgeous souls like YOU to gain self-trust and empowerment again.

Tarot alchemy

Any questions?;-)

What does the reading/session look like?

Skype readings: After we agree on a date, we will both get comfy and connect via Skype. We’ll say hi, chat and pretend you just came over for a cup of coffee and some home-made cookies. In an open reading you can ask about anything you’re currently dealing with and together, we’ll try to discover the message your cards have for you.

I love to engage my clients with the readings because that’s where the magic happens; when you understand that YOU have all your answers. So be ready for me asking what YOU see in the cards too!;-)

After the reading is over, I’ll send you the recording and pictures of all the cards that have showed up.

Face-to-face reading: Same as the Skype reading with one single (and awesome) difference; the coffee and the cookies can actually be real!:-)

What types of questions can I ask?

You can ask anything you want, buttercup. An important thing to know tho, is that Tarot works with symbols. It’s interpretative which means it’s not really straight to the point. Thus, it’s not the best to ask closed questions which lead to a YES or NO answer.

Please know, that I don’t predict the future, neither I do readings for third parties (you know, the “Does he love me?” or “How can I make him love me?” kind of a thing). Firstly, I don’t actually believe it’s possible to know and secondly, it’s against my ethical codex.

Is it possible to read the cards via Skype? Shouldn't it be face-to-face?

I’ll be honest with you, love. It’s obviously the best to do a reading in person but Skype is the second best option. Of course it has its downs like the absence of the coffee and cookies or of the proper witch-like atmosphere with beautiful candles all over the place. But it also has its ups! For example, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can simply stay in your own lovely office or at home in your pyjamas (totally fine with me!) and the recording is much better with no background noises too.

Oh, and you don’t have to worry about not being able to touch the cards or anything because your full physical presence is not actually needed for Tarot to ‘work.’

Is there any other way of getting the reading except via Skype or face-to-face?

The answer is YES! If Skype or face-to-face meeting don’t work for you for whatever reason, just send me an email to karolina@karolinadobrovska.com and we’ll figure something out!

I do audio recording readings. It’s not as flexible as a live reading of course and it also takes more time to make and process, which is why I charge $15 on top of the regular price on it.

For open readings, I’ll analyse 3 questions for you and send them as a Mp3 recording, to you.

Why are you recording the Skype readings, Karolina?

The main reason is for you to be able to go back and listen to the reading again. Because often times there’s so much information and firstly, you just can’t absorb it all and secondly, we all forget very fast. That’s why it’s nice to have a chance to go back.

This being said, I ONLY make a recordings with your consent and ONLY for YOUR personal use. I never share it with any third party or anyone else. I value your trust above anything and if you decide you don’t want the reading to be recorded, it won’t be.

How can I book a Tarot Alchemy session?

Simply by clicking one of the booking buttons above!

You’ll be redirected to my online scheduler where you’ll be able to choose the time and date that suits the both of us.

After you’ll make your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email, so just make sure to add my email address (karolina@karolinadobrovksa.com) into your contacts so that it doesn’t fall into your SPAM folder!

I've ordered a reading. What happens next?

After you book your reading through my electronic calendar, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the details… And that’s it!:-)

If you have chosen to meet in person, I will get back to you as soon as possible (max. 48 hours) with the info about the meeting place.

P.s. If you haven’t received your confirmation email, please check your spam folder.

What payment methods can I use?

You can choose from 3 payment methods:

  1. PayPal: a secure online payment platform that allows you to use your own PayPal account or credit card.  You’ll be able to choose this method directly during the booking process by clicking the “Pay now” button.
  2. Direct debit: regular online money transfer from your account to mine. Click the “Pay later” button after submitting your details to my online calendar and I will send you an invoice with all the necessary info.
  3. Cash: This method is possible for in person readings only