Make your dreams come true!

Tarot Alchemy Readings

in person or on Skype

For all those dilemmas and crossroads you’re standing at, not knowing which way to go. For all those moments when you’re trying to figure out WHAT the heck is going on, WHY, what you can do about it and most importantly, HOW.

Tarot alchemy are one-off intuitive card reading sessions full of  deeper intuitive knowledge and practical down-to-earth advice to take away so that once the session is over, you can translate all your insights into action!

Tarot Therapy

in person or on Skype

In depth sessions combining intuitive tarot readings with practical mentoring and coaching to help you heal and resolve ongoing issues.

Unlike Tarot alchemy, which will give you the tools for further inner work on your own, Tarot therapy is about experiencing and guiding you through transformative healing right in the actual session. 

My love note to you...

Hello, gorgeous! I know who you are.

You’re a woman with a huge beating heart, with a brilliant mind and a soul that strives for love, peace and growth.

You’re a woman on a search for herself.

You’re kind, compassionate and so full of dreams about living your life to the fullest.

Deep down you know who you are, what you want and that you deserve the best… Until life happens and all of a sudden, you forget everything. Like we all do.

But you’re a warrior. You’re brave and courageous. You’re ready to do the work. You’re not afraid to dive deep into your inner darkness to see the light on the other side.

The only thing you need is someone to hold your hand while you’re there. Someone who’ll remind you of what you already know. Someone who won’t be trying to fix you, but who’ll help you to navigate through your inner landscapes with love and ease.

You’re not looking for a saviour. You’re looking for a guide… And I’m waiting for you.

So let me join you on this journey and together, we’ll swim through the darkness, make sense of things, laugh and cry, and bring life-changing healing to your entire being.