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Hello, fellow unicorn in training!

I’m Karolína, the no BS tarot rebel.

I’m not a psychic. Auras, spirit guides or fortune-telling… That’s not really my thing. I focus on therapy and super tangible, down to earth techniques, that will help you to reconnect with what’s truly yours; YOUR answers, YOUR desires, YOUR needs and wants.

Welcome, make yourself at home and just in case you’re feeling a bit blue today, click here to remember who you really are.;-)

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The art of not needing to be right

I’ve been going through a bit of a tough time lately. And as usual, it made me realise and actually fully feel the depth of some of the classic spiritual…

How to test and push your own limits

  Hey, gorgeous! This post is inspired by a lobster… A.k.a. me and my jogging experience!;-)) Maybe you’ve already noticed something on my Insty account but here’s the longer version of my ‘Super…

How to actually start doing the things you know you should be doing

You know how you can hear something for like a 1000 times and it’s only with the 1001 that it finally hits you? It happened to me this week as…

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Tarot Readings

Look under the veil. Hear what your heart is trying to tell you. Translate it into action.

Live a life that’s truly YOURS.



Tarot Playground for Beginners


Because you really don’t have to see auras or talk to your spirit guides to be a true tarot reader.


Happily Ever After!


Love. Trust. Respect. Harmony.

You CAN and you WILL create that and so much more.

Single ladies, married ladies, all the ladies!


Come and meet me on one of my events! I’d love to say hi and see your lovely face while having a deep conversation or giggling over silly things!

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