Opening up: with Ariel Andersson

Today’s episode is with Ariel Andersson; a mother, coach and the host of her Imperfect Parenting podcast. Ariel is yet another amazing soul I’ve met online when she invited me over to her show (I really recommend her podcast to everyone who’s trying to navigate parenthood and sanity at the same time :) and it was an instant connection. Despite never actually meeting each other in the offline world and living across the globe from one and another, she really grew close to my heart. Ariel is one of those highly creative people who’s constantly up to something. Also, she lived in the Czech Republic for over 20 years before recently moving back to California. That’s why in this episode…

We talk:

  • Fitting fully into a different culture
  • Clashing mentalities and identities
  • Trying to work out businesses in two different languages at the same time
  • Being an older mom and being swallowed whole by parenthood
  • Finding the loves of our lives
  • (Not) apologising for having and wanting more
  • Trusting your heart despite feeling totally crazy at times

Where to find Ariel:

Imperfect Parenting Podcast


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