Opening up with Verena Erin Polowy

Today’s Opening Up episode I’m talking with Erin Polowy from My Green Closet.

She’s been a huge inspiration of mine ever since I dived into a minimalism challenge about 2 years ago. She’s the one who got me excited about capsule wardrobe and finally opened my eyes about the topic of sustainable fashion.

The reason I like Erin is because of her gentle approach, where she’s not shaming anyone but rather talks about making a big difference through small changes. And so today…

We talk:

  • The pleasure/pain balance
  • Impulse buying and strategies to avoid it
  • Living sustainably without loosing your mind
  • The balance between consciousness and comfort
  • Motherhood and how it has changed her capsule wardrobe
  • Furnishing an entire house second-hand

Where to find Erin:

Quit Fast Fashion e-book

My Green Closet Channel

My Green Closet Website

Erin’s Patreon


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