Opening up: with Leonie Dawson

Welcome to the first episode of Opening up, weeee!

This has been long coming but I really did get the opportunity to interview a huge crush of mine, Leonie Dawson.
She’s an artist, a hippie, a mama, an international best selling author and a serial entrepreneur. But most of all, she’s just a really cool and fascinating human being who combines many seeming oxymorons.

I was a bit nervous, my camera is shaking like crazy because I was sitting on my bed not realising that probably wasn’t the best idea… BUT hopefully, you’ll enjoy it anyways. After all, we talk about being real, right? Hehe!

We’re covering all these topics and more:

  • being authentic in life and business and flying your freak flag
  • swearing in business (wait! Is that allowed?)
  • setting boundaries
  • where Leonie draws the line for sharing openly with the whole world
  • shifting away from social media
  • the process of letting go of Leonie’s Shining Life & Biz Academy
  • motherhood as a creative hermit
  • what’s the best parenting advice Leonie has ever received

Where to find Leonie:


Good karma and shit like that:

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