New Moon Reading: October 19th 2017

OK. So of course I know it’s not November yet. Or do I?:D

Sorry guys, I’m kinda loosing track of time on maternity leave, I guess.

Which made me realise naming the readings after the months doesn’t really make sense as New Moon keeps shifting all the time (surprise, surprise, Karolina!). So yeah, I’ll be titling them based on the actual date from now on.

Anyways! Let’s see what the cards hold for us this month!

Oh, and one more thing!

If you’d like to start using tarot and have fun with it yourself but have no idea where to start… Well, you can have a little happy dance, because I’m just in the making of a mini e-course for complete tarot beginners! Should be ready around the end of this year, so stay tuned!;)

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