New Moon Reading: May 15th 2018

Hi everyone!

Soooo, it looks like we’re heading into a bit of a shit storm this month. And I think it has already started at my home.

Josefina is sick, I have PMS and we’ve run out of chocolate. So basically, #worstcasescenario.

So if you’re feeling like something is up, you might be right. Don’t worry, tho! This reading will tell you how to get ready for it and most of all, how to process all the potential troubles along the way.

As usual, we’ll have a look at what to let go of, what to let in and HOW to actually do it this month.

P.s. Would you like to dive into your own reading and come up with your own wise answers to the questions you’ve had for a long time? Book an audio reading with me HERE!

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