How to find the coolest tarot decks

Today, I’m sharing my tips and tricks on how to find the best and weirdest tarot decks ever because I don’t know how about you, but I’m actually much more into unusual, indie cards than the mainstream ones and those can be pretty hard to find sometimes!

Well, not anymore, because after watching this video, you’ll know where and what to look for!;-)

Here are the links to my current favourite decks I’m discussing in the video:

  • The Fountain Tarot: my most favourite deck of all times
  • The Wild Unknown: my second favourite
  • Circo Tarot:  Ehm, I haven’t FUNDED this one like I said in the video! I backed it on Kickstarter. It’s just that sometimes I speak faster than I think.:-))
  • Spirit Cats Oracle: super cute cards I’m waiting for impatiently after supporting them on Kickstarter too.

Here’s the link to Ethony, the lady who does deck reviews and is really good at informing her tribe about new tarot and oracle jewels out there!;-)

Let me know which deck is your favourite and if you’ve found anything awesome yourself! <3

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