How to actually start doing the things you know you should be doing


You know how you can hear something for like a 1000 times and it’s only with the 1001 that it finally hits you?

It happened to me this week as I’ve finally discovered a shocking truth;

Reading and thinking about inspirational stuff alone isn’t actually gonna do much. In order to finally see some results, I gotta start doing things!

Revolutionary! I know!:-)

But let’s stay here for a minute. How many times have you heard something like that? And how many times have you actually acted upon what you have learned and what you know you should be doing in order to get where you wanna be?

I mean, I teach people this stuff! I’m all about practice and doing and applying in the real world… And yet, when it comes to my own growth I must confess I haven’t been practicing many of the things I preach. At all!

Like meditations for example. I never really did them. Never committed to the practice properly because honestly, I couldn’t be bothered most of the times. You know the, “Naaaah, not today! I’m too busy with other things!” attitude? Yeah… And again, I’ve even created my own guided meditations! For others of course.

I suspect this is a pretty common and normal issue, tho. I had a Tarot reading with a client the other day and she was very aware of the things she needed to work on. But when I asked her if she has done anything with it, like EFT for example, she said she just couldn’t be bothered.



So it finally hit me that reading all the self-help books and listening to podcasts and taking courses without actually having any daily practice is kind of like reading all the healthy eating magazines and watching exercising videos, while laying on the couch and eating ice cream and then being frustrated that you’re not fit!

This realisation made me angry enough to actually go and start a daily morning meditation practice.

I expected it to be hard and challenging.

Actually, it’s super nice and relaxing!

I expected it to be waaaay too time consuming.

Actually, it takes me like 15 minutes all together. (My favourite teacher Teal Swan says it takes us just around 16 seconds (yes, seconds!!!!) to manifest a thought somewhere within the Universe. I think that’s pretty sweet!:-)

I expected it to be boring.

Actually, it’s kind of fun!

My money attraction visualisation for example, always turn out to be so full of colours and exciting craziness! Like the other day, when all the dollar bills started raining on me from the sky like this candy we use to eat as kids.


I’ve been morning meditating for 18 days now and it’s not like my life has turned around or something, but I can definitely sense it. All of a sudden, I feel more aware, more in touch… In a way, it’s forcing me to commit to my other practices too! I now visualise (hello, juicy money, welcome to my life!:-) and journal every day, I do EFT (in the shower. I hope that’s not TMI!) and guess what?!

Things are starting to move!

Actually, they’ve been moving so fast I’m a bit blown away and just a liiiiittle freaked out too!:-))

In the last 2 weeks I’ve manifested 7 more clients and 2 magazines asking me for a story after I appeared in Pretty crazy, huh?:-)

Now, if you’re asking me what happened? What triggered this shift and realisation within me…

I don’t actually have an answer. I don’t really know. You just need to be ready I guess. You just need to hear some information over and over again until one day it stops being just a background noise you put in a “whatever” box and it finally hits you. It floods your entire body and all of a sudden, you can feel it all through and a have huge hallelujah moment.

Soooo… Why exactly are you telling me this, Karolina?

Well, because who knows, this very post might be yours No. 1001 time hearing the same thing again!;-)

In that case, my message is; DO IT, magic maker! DO IT!:-)

It doesn’t really matter where you start! Don’t get discouraged by being overwhelmed with all the things you could do. Just pick one thing. ONE – THING. And then start doing it. It can be a “before sleep” meditation, a chakra cleanse, daily mantra repeating, daily goal writing… Whatever feels good to you.

Just do it and do it regularly.


This can still be your 999th time in which case you’ll be like, “Ohhhh, interesting!” and then you’ll forget about it forever again.

And that’s OK too! It’s alright not to be ready. Just don’t beat yourself up the next time you get frustrated over things not turning out the way you wanted too.;-)

So… I know this is not a typical “how to article” suggested by the title, but let’s be honest here. If I named this “Stop just thinking about stuff. Do it!” or something, then you would probably never even open it.;-)

Alright, sister! I’m off for my daily visualisation now!:-)

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