Tarot Tea Party

 Discover your inner psychic.

 Nurture your heart with playful joy.

 Fill your belly with tea & cookies.



“The workshop was really beautiful. It felt very safe, I didn’t worry about appearing in front of everyone by the end which is usually a big issue for me.”
“Thank you so much Karolina for this beautiful introduction to Tarot and your lovely cookies! You have a wonderful smile and energy. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!”
“The workshop was fantastic and felt like a really open space which is important when questioning life’s hard questions. Thank you!”
“Thank you so much for the workshop! It was great to learn to trust the feeling and intuition rather than literal (textbook) meanings. A lot of insight learned!”

Hello, magic maker!

I know who you are. You’re someone who has always dreamed of playing and working with Tarot cards and diving into their secret meaning… But it all seems a bit too complicated. You have no idea where to start and you’re afraid you won’t be able to do it anyways.

Or maybe…

You’ve already been using Tarot and you love it (I know, right?:-), but you’re still struggling with getting your head around all the different meanings and interpretations and honestly, you feel kind of lost and confused sometimes.

And that’s exactly why I’ve created this workshop!

Because after 5 years of working with Tarot cards, reading all the books, getting certified and everything, I’ve discovered a little secret;

You don’t actually need any special knowledge, gifts or skills in order to use Tarot and to get exactly the messages you need! 

All you need is an open mind and to be ready to play!;-)

Because Tarot is for EVERYBODY and that’s exactly what I’d like to show you at this Tea Party!

So don’t be shy and come along!

We will play, we will laugh, we will have the best time ever while effortlessly reconnecting with our higher selves and receiving all the answers.

The plan for the afternoon is the following:

  • Play
  • Have fun
  • Learn what intuitive reading actually means (hint; you can leave your text books at home ;-)
  • Discover Tarot and the secret psychic within you
  • Get answers straight from your spirit
  • Meet wonderful, like-minded people (and make new awesome friends!;-)
  • Get guidance and insights from the whole group
  • Drink tea
  • Eat cookies (Spoiler alert: I’m gonna bake!:-)
  • Drink more tea
  • Eat more cookies
  • Relax

I’m sooo excited about this and so looking forward to meeting you, shiny star!

Space is limited to 10 peeps only, so just be sure you book your spot in advance!


COMING SOON! Hang in there!;-)

No scheduled date yet, sorry, darling!

  • your Tarot deck if you have any
  • an open mind & heart