Attracting Your Soul Mate Workshop

Release your old love story. Gain clarity over WHAT you want and WHY. Plant a seed for your new story that will match all your dreams and desires.

Join me for this wonderful rite of passage into (self) love empowerment!


Participants have said...

It was such a lovely afternoon at the “Attracting your soulmate workshop” and it was indeed heart-opening…

Karolina firstly advised us to find our “personal” relationship pattern and within minutes I had my “aha moment”. 

So far no wonder has happened, but I’ve changed my thinking and I’m ready to love again and I know for sure that my soulmate is somewhere out there and we’ll meet sooner or later. <3″

“After Karolina’s workshop I got to a place of clarity about why my past relationship did not work although he seemed to have all the good qualities I desire in a man. I feel relieved and liberated and the inner knowledge of what to look for in my future relationships now.
“Dear Karolina, thank you for the workshop. I feel like I released a lot of deep negative feelings and I feel much lighter now. I felt very safe, comfortable and happy in your workshop. It was a lovely experience!”
“Thank you so much, Karolina! I feel clear and ready for him to arrive! The workshop was wonderful and you created a safe and welcoming space.”
“Karolina, I love your vibrant energy! Todays workshop was very healing and powerful and I truly look forward to exciting times ahead!”
Joeley, Attracting Your Soul Mate

If it has already been a while that you have been looking for your soul mate, chances are that you already know all the theory.

Surrender. Be patient. Love yourself first. Let go… Well, that’s all very nice, but…

It’s time to actually put this knowledge into practice and to finally EXPERIENCE it!

I have created this workshop around the idea of a collective rite of passage.

A passage from feeling stuck, confused, lonely and not so cool about being single into gaining clarity, feeling empowered, at peace and yet excited about what’s ahead of you.

Going through the process in a group will multiply both the letting go and the inviting process as the power of a collective is truly amazing! So be ready for some major shifts, pretty soul!;-)

What to expect:

The workshop will be divided into 3 parts:

Letting go ritual

  • Name and claim your old love story
  • Identify the limiting beliefs you have about men/women, love and relationships
  • Say goodbye to all this baggage for good in a wonderful collective ritual

Planting the seed ritual

  • Get clear about what it is you actually want and why
  • Find the line between taking responsibility and being too pushy and controlling
  • Learn how to ask so it can be given to you
  • Send out an intention for your your new love story and your dream partner in another collective ritual

Final meditation 

  • Bring it all together. Make all your dreams come true. Right here, right now.




On the 22nd of May

At 10:00am – 1:00pm

at Qi Yoga Manly

Level 1, 9 The Corso, Manly, NSW, 2095

  • your journal or a little notebook and a pen (you’ll need it for some writing exercises ;-)
  • comfy clothes, we’ll be sitting on cushions on the floor
  • your precious self

Just a note about cancellation policy

Please, let me know if you can’t attend the workshop after making a booking as there are probably many other wonderful souls who would be happy to fill in your spot!

Cancellation fees are the following:

  • 7 or more days ahead: No fee. Your payment will be fully reimbursed.
  • 7 days – 24 hours ahead: 50% of your payment
  • Less than 24 hour or no show up: 100% of your payment

Remember you can always choose one of your lucky friends as a replacement for yourself!;-) Just let me know on or give me a call on 0412 223 780. Thank you!