Develop your intuition.

Reconnect with your inner wisdom.

Get deep, meaningful insights!

June 7th

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A sacred blend of tarot and tea.

Infuse yourself with the energy of your desires through the art of tea ritual and intuitive tarot reading.

June 19th

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“Karolina, I love your vibrant energy! Todays workshop was very healing and powerful and I truly look forward to exciting times ahead!”
Joeley, Attracting Your Soul Mate
“The workshop was fantastic and felt like a really open space which is important when questioning life’s hard questions. Thank you!”
Jessica, Tarot Tea Party
“Thank you so much Karolina for this beautiful introduction to Tarot and your lovely cookies! You have a wonderful smile and energy. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!”
Sue, Tarot Tea Party
“Karolina is intuitive and honest. She gently leads you through meditations with compassion and understanding. She is a very generous soul.”
Deborah, Attracting Your Soul Mate
“Thank you so much, Karolina! I feel clear and ready for him to arrive! The workshop was wonderful and you created a safe and welcoming space.”
Sarah, Attracting Your Soul Mate
“Thank you for this lovely workshop! I do feel much happier about myself and my situation. I don’t feel so powerless about my limiting beliefs anymore. I can see how they have shaped my relationships so far and I’m very happy to know I can change them and my life too.”
Elissa, Attracting Your Soul Mate
“Thank you so much for the workshop! It was great to learn to trust the feeling and intuition rather than literal (textbook) meanings. A lot of insight learned!”
Alice, Tarot Tea Party
“After Karolina’s workshop I got to a place of clarity about why my past relationship did not work although he seemed to have all the good qualities I desire in a man. I feel relieved and liberated and the inner knowledge of what to look for in my future relationships now.”
Clare, Attracting Your Soul Mate
“Thank you for designing this workshop. I had a chance to think and ask questions that I have never had before. You have an amazing energy and I’m, looking forward for your future events!”
Ayshen, Attracting Your Soul Mate
“The workshop was really beautiful. It felt very safe, I didn’t worry about appearing in front of everyone by the end which is usually a big issue for me.”
Jenny, Tarot Tea Party
“Dear Karolina, thank you for the workshop. I feel like I released a lot of deep negative feelings and I feel much lighter now. I felt very safe, comfortable and happy in your workshop. It was a lovely experience!”
Jenny, Attracting Your Soul Mate



Understand your energy. Release, restore and balance. Embrace your love genius.

Harmonise your relationship through inner energetic balance!

November 2015


Because Tarot isn’t any high-level magic the gifted few. Tarot is FUN!

Who’s invited?! YOU are! And some other wonderful souls.

So come along and discover the best psychic ever; yourself!;-)

All you need is an open mind and a belly ready for tea and cookies!

October 2015

February 2016

April 2016


Let go of everything that has been holding you back and step into the state of finally receiving what you have been longing for. Join me in a collective rite of passage towards (self) love empowerment!

May 2016

February 2016

January 2016

September 2015

May 2015


Beautiful. Healthy. Feminine. Magnetic. You.

Discover your true beauty. Embody your inner goddess and allow yourself and others to fall in love with you!

March 2015