Tarot Playground for Beginners

Because you don’t have to be a psychic to make your readings work

Would you LOVE to dive into the secrets of tarot but you have NO IDEA where to begin?

All those symbols, meanings and interpretations… It’s just too much to take in when you’re glad to remember what you’ve had for breakfast!

Not to mention all those rules, dos and don’ts around the whole thing!

What cards should you choose? Can someone else touch them or is it bad luck?

You’re no channel or a psychic… Will it even work?

Oh, and then all the scary cards! The Death came up for you the other day and you’re still pretty uneasy about it.

Basically, you’d love to have a secret tarot deck in your pocket so that you can have an emergency reading anytime you want,  but it feels a bit unrealistic at the moment.

Well,  luckily for you, that’s exactly why I’ve created this course! To show you that becoming a tarot reader isn’t actually difficult at all. 

You don’t have to memorise any meanings or stress out about what cards will come up.

You can simply PLAY.

That is how you can easily tap into the wisdom you’ve been carrying inside all along.

for 39 USD

With this course, you will…

Finally start using your tarot cards. For real. Together, we’ll bust all the myths that are holding you back right now.

Feel good about your readings and yourself. Everything will start making sense, and you’ll know what you’re doing. No more confusion, no more mess.

Learn through practical exercises which will teach you what to do but most importantly, HOW. So be ready to get your hands dirty with some tarot magic.

Learn how to tap into your own answers for all your burnings questions. Anywhere, anytime.

But most of all, you will…

Start trusting your intuition, judgement, decisions… You’ll start trusting Yourself.

Why a playground?

Because this one word represents the most important idea that I’d like to teach you in this course;

Tarot is fun!

Yep! I really don’t believe it’s this super serious thing for just a few chosen ones. Actually, I think that quite the opposite is true!

Tarot is an amazing self-developmental tool that should be available to everyone. Unicorns, fairies, superheroes, even ordinary humans. Just like me. Just like YOU.

And that’s why the course is called Tarot Playground. Because I believe you can play with your cards in a park, by a pool, during your lunch break or while snuggled in bed with some hot cocoa.

You really don’t have to see auras or talk with spirit guides to be a tarot reader!

All you gotta do is to look at some beautiful pictures with an open mind and the door into your soul will open.

Being a mirror of your inner wisdom, tarot will show you the way towards all the answers you’ve been looking for. Like, what’s actually best for you. If you’re heading in the right direction, what’s holding you back… And what you can do about it all.

Let me be clear here…

I’m not gonna give you a manual for life or teach you how to develop any psychic skills. Instead…

I’ll show you how to strengthen the one superpower you already have; Your intuition.

Together, we’ll train it and make it more conscious, so that you can use it to its full potential whenever you want.

After many failed attempts to properly learn Tarot over the past 20 years I landed on one of your Youtube videos and it really moved me to try one last time. Your approach really inches us into readings and encourages us to just use our instincts and feelings to decipher the cards. I just wanted to thank you to help people like me find enjoyment and maybe even enlightenment in Tarot. 


I thoroughly enjoyed Tarot Playground. It made tarot so much more approachable and accessible. It took the intimidation factor out… And it was fun! 


The course was so exciting! I was enjoying myself so much that I wanted more every day. Actually, I still feel like that even after finishing. I finally learned how to use tarot on a regular basis, how to take care of my cards and how to make sense of all of it! The dark cards are no longer a tabu for me and I don’t feel the urge for an endless search of the meanings in different books. Instead, I listen to my intuition.


for 39 USD

What's in the package

  • 9 brand new tarot videos (over 90 minutes of exclusive content)


  •  Interactive worksheet full of practical exercises (because that’s what really counts ;-)


  • Practical demonstration of various readings (so that you know what I’m actually talking about)


  • My super (super super) secret tips for tarot decks and resources


  • Lots of fun (crying toddler in the background, etc.)

What's covered

  • How tarot actually works; is it magic or what?
  • How to really start making sense of your readings
  • How to connect to your cards and intuition so that you can finally hear that famous ‘voice of your heart’
  • How to deal with all the scary cards and how not to be freaked out by them anymore
  • What rules (NOT) to follow when working with tarot 
  • How to ask your card the right questions
  • What spreads to start with and how to create your own
  • How to relate one card to another in multiple cards readings
  • How to feel confident, not intimidated by tarot

What's NOT covered

  • Meanings and explanations of individual cards. Because you can Google those in a split second
  • Fortune/Future telling. Because I don’t think it works or that it’s right. I believe in free will through which we can alter the course of our lives no matter what
  • How to make someone do, say or feel something. That’s manipulation to me which is very far away from the therapeutical approach to tarot that I use. #sorrynotsorry
  • Numerology, astrology, complicated readings… Basically, all the stuff that only makes you confused if you’re a beginner. One of the aims of this course is to keep it SIMPLE. So simple it is. 

for 39 USD

Who am I anyways?

Hey, there! I’m Karolina!

Tarot is one of my greatest passions in life and I’ve worked with it for over 10 years now. Besides being a certified tarot reader I’m also a certified S.W.A.T. Coach. This, unfortunately, doesn’t make me a Special Weapon and Tactics killing machine (shame, I know!), but a Simply Woman Accredited Trainer.

#funfact, I’m also a proud holder of a MSc. degree in Medical Anthropology.

What does this all mean?

That I’m a huge people lover who believes that essentially, we’re all good in our hearts and that we all deserve to be happy. I combine factual, scientific knowledge about well-being with inner work and shiny hippie stuff to help gorgeous souls like YOU to make their dreams come true.


for 39 USD

In case you wanna ask...


The reason is, I don’t believe in fortune telling, you see. Tarot Playground won’t teach you how to become a psychic or a medium. It’ll show you how to develop your intuition and it’ll empower you to trust your own gut.

That’s right.

Weird, I know!

But there are sooo many interpretations of each and every card online that I find it a bit useless, to be honest.

Above that, memorising individual cards really isn’t what this course is truly about.

All the materials in the course will be available to you for at least 2 years.

You’ve got 3 days for cancelling your order since the day you receive your login details.

You’ll get your money back, but please, know that I’ll take $10 from the total price you’ve paid for administration costs.

You can pay via PayPal or with your card. Either way, you’ll be navigated towards your prefered method once you click the order button.

Awesome news! Thanks, magic maker!

After you pay, you’ll receive a welcome email with further instructions about logging in. This usually takes me max. 48 hours. I know it’s long, sorry, but I still do everything manually with my own bare hands.

The good news is, I mostly manage to send everything out in just a couple of hours.

Damn you, technology!

OK, first of all, check your spam/promotions folder

Still nothing? Email me at karolina@karolinadobrovska.com and we’ll work it out!