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Take the first steps towards FINALLY ATTRACTING your Soul Mate

end your love drama

Move your relationship from “It’s complicated” into “It’s exactly the way I want it!”

Get to know this beautiful & amazing woman that’s been waiting for you to discover her; YOURSELF!

Live Happily Ever After in a relationship that matches your desires!

Is this you, flower?

*You’ve been looking for your soul mate but it feels a bit like waiting for Godot.You feel trapped in a relationship that is somehow dysfunctional.You want to figure out what the heck is wrong and to finally fix it.You want to be in a healthy, harmonious  partnership where everything is so right.You want to create a relationship of your dreams and to grow old with your man, still holding hands and being cute at 90.*

Oh, I’m so glad you landed on this page, darling, because I can actually help you out and show you how to make all these nice things happen!

Give me 4 weeks




and create a LOVE STORY that’s full of hugs, kisses and HAPPY TIMES!

How I can help

I’ve put together the best of my coaching knowledge, my OWN EXPERIENCE and MY (BIG and EXCITED) HEART to create this e-course for you.

You see, the story is that I used to be exactly where you might be right now. Tired, resigned, worried that I might never find the right guy or the right way of doing things. I spend hours crying over imagining myself becoming an old, lonely and crazy (obviously) cat woman (or other worse case scenarios). But deep down I still had a sparkle of hope. Something kept telling me that it IS possible to live happily ever after. And BAM! One day I met the love of my life and I’m now living my own little fairy tale.

Yes, that’s pretty much how fast the whole thing actually happened! Surreal! But despite that, I know that all the blessing that have come to me were NO COINCIDENCE. There were several very SPECIFIC, PRACTICAL & CONSCIOUS steps I had to take to create the love life I’ve always dreamed of. 

That’s also why the Happily Ever After! e-course is not just another text book you can read and then successfully forget, but a STEP-BY-STEP PRACTICAL GUIDE for real life. 

I promise you, if you commit to actually working through it, your relationships will take turn you though to be possible only in movies. That’s because living in alignment with your desires is a DECISION. A CONSCIOUS DECISION to want the best for yourself.

Let me help you to make this decision. Let me guide you towards creating your own Happily Ever After story!

What exactly you will get?

This is what’s waiting for you:

  • 4 x 60-minute audio recordings (worth $199)
  • 4 x complimentary interactive worksheets loaded with practical exercises and action steps (worth $50)
  • The know-how to create & maintain the love life of your dreams (priceless)

What results can you expect?

You will…:

  • Learn how to attract your soul mate (because he is out there waiting for you, darling!)
  • Shift your relationships from “Arrrgggh! into “Ahhhh!”
  • Find out what kind of love story you’ve been carrying around the whole time and get rid of all that baggage
  • Create a new love story that matches all your desires
  • Feel excited about relationships and have fun again
  • Get to know and heal your divine feminine essence so that you can fall in love with yourself
  • Figure out how to communicate with the alien species called men ;-)
  • Learn loads of practical self-coaching tips & tricks you can use not only for relationships but in any area of your life
  • Translate all your dreams about love and relationships into reality


for $119

Here is what other shiny stars have said about the e-course

Karolina’s e-course is a blast! It’s worth every single penny! I already knew all the things and techniques Karolina talks about except, I’ve always had one big problem; applying them into everyday life. Everyone has always kept telling me what to do, but no one told me HOW! Karolina has put everything together so nicely so that you can figure the HOW out yourself and feel great about it! It’s genius!:-) I often think about the past and I know my environment influences me but I had no idea how much I still didn’t know! It was a real eye-opener! I found out that I actually hated and despised men… for no obvious reason! In the beginning I felt like the biggest looser and wanted to keep purchasing this e-course secret from everybody, but now I recommend it everywhere I go!”


“Oh my, so many things happened since I’ve signed-up for the Happily Ever After! e-course and all are positive! By week four I stopped worrying about whether my partner is really ‘The One’ and instead of feeling cold I realised I love him! Opening my heart has helped me a lot. My partner has even got a great job offer which means that finally, there is a solution for his long-lasting debt situation. We are going to move out from Prague which has also been one of my biggest dreams! I truly feel like living a fairy tale! Thank you so much!”


“I approached the Happily Ever After! e-course with curiosity and yet, with a ‘I already know all this stuff anyways’ attitude. Well, I was soon laughing as the view to your soul offered already by Week One is so intense that it has to surprise everyone.:-) The course is understandable, genuine and very nice to work with. You can tell it’s not just some text book theory, but an experience the author has lived herself. However, it’s not about someone doing the work for you. It’s an amazing journey into self-discovery and understanding life a bit more. Most of all, it’s about taking another step towards living life the way you want it. Thank you!


Karolina’s course touches you in your heart. She is fun and carefree but at the same time is a person who is true to herself. She is generous with her words of wisdom and support for women. Because of this I found the course to be inspirational. It makes you believe in yourself and when you do this, anything is possible!


The Happily Ever After! e-course is so much more than a manual for finding the Right Guy. I came across the e-course ‘by chance’ when I was deciding whether to leave or stay in a dysfunctional relationship. In the end, I left and my life has taken turns I have never even hoped for. Among else, I have experienced a fairy tale-like summer romance and even thought, it has not been ‘Happily Ever After’ this time, it was so worth it! I’m convinced that the first impulse for change has come from Karolina and I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart!”


“Karolina has such a nice and friendly style that makes you ask questions about yourself. She provides you with both true coaching and an advice from a friend. I love the examples and Karolina’s personal experiences which are inspiring and comforting at the same time. They show you that someone else has gone through the same stuff and so that you’re not crazy. I recommend the e-course to every woman who is in search of her true self and who is not entirely sure what and who she’s looking for. It is full of useful and practical tips you can take and apply in various situations in your life.”


I’m truly grateful for this fun e-course throughout which I approvingly nodded, laughed and even cried. In a way, I already knew everything, it’s just that sometimes it takes time before you actually fully get it. Thanks to the e-course I’ve understood what I was doing wrong, I was able to name it, to realise I used to be a mother-like girlfriend and I’ve reassured myself that what I’m now expecting from a relationship is ok. That it’s good to dream big and not to let anyone to ruin it for you. I might not look like it but I’m a huge dreamer and a romantic type and I simply know that one day I’ll meet The one. Thanks God you, Karolina, have supported me in this belief.”


Hi, Karolina! I just had to let you know. I’m sitting on my bed, reading what I wrote about what my Soul Mate should be like a few moths ago. Because guess what! I’ve met someone and it’s spot on! Suddenly, there’s someone I don’t have to beg for anything, someone who was there in a very difficult time for me and who cares about me. Sure, we’re still in the beginnings so I get scared sometimes, but right now I believe this is a man I would follow across the whole world. With him I can be Me and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much, Karolina, because this has all happened also thanks to you and your help.


Who am I anyways?! A.k.a. why you should learn from me?

about profil

I’m glad you’re asking, darling, as I love getting to know each other a bit more!

I’m a certified S.W.A.T. Coach which doesn’t make me a Special Weapon and Tactics killing machine (sorry!), but a Simply Woman Accredited Trainer. On top of my 3-year coaching certification and a Tarot reading certification, I’m also a proud holder of a MSc. degree in Medical Anthropology.


Basically, what that means is that I’m a big people lover who believes that essentially, we’re all good in our hearts and that we all deserve to be happy. I combine factual, scientific knowledge about well-being with inner work and shiny hippie stuff to help gorgeous souls like YOU to make their dreams come true.

And since you’ve asked…

about profil3

There’s more stuff I can brag about…

I’ve run a successful healthy life-style blog Jakorybicka.cz in my home Czech Republic with almost 19.000 visitors per month since 2011.* I’ve build a community around my blog and run several group challenges such as Sugar-free challenge, Gluten-free challenge or 30 Days of Intensive Self-Love Challenge.* I’ve interviewed a wonderful spiritual teacher Teal Swan and translated many of her self-development videos to Czech.I’ve been featured in the Simply Woman Online Magazine and Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine I’ve given motivation talks for corporations (to make them a bit more hippie too!)*



 for $119

Here is what you are going to learn!


What is your love story?

  • Discover your love story. What is it and why it’s important to know?
  • Shine light on your true beliefs about men, love and relationships
  • Find out what’s keeping you stuck
  • Let go & say byyyye to everything that’s holding you back from achieving your dreams


Fairy tales are not just for kids!

  • Find out why it’s so important to dream big and to want the best for yourself
  • Don’t be a victim. Be a creator. A powerful magician
  • Get clear on what your REALLY want
  • Re-discover your true self
  • Start creating a NEW love story that will match all your dreams and desires


Yippee! I’m a woman!

  • Discover what it actually means for you to be a woman and why
  • Heal your relationship with men
  • Find the 2 biggest mistakes we as women do with men
  • Get clear on what a “real empowered woman” looks like and how to embrace these qualities within yourself
  • Stop wanting to be different and instead, love yourself for who you are right here and right now



  • Attract your soul mate (if you’re looking for one)
  • Learn 4 self-coaching techniques that will help you to make the right decisions for yourself
  • Create and action plan
  • Have a huge celebration dance for doing such a great job!;-)

Just in case you were still wondering...

How do I know your e-course really works, Karolina?

It’s all about commitment and implementation, flower. I promise you that if you truly go through the entire course, do the inner work and apply all the steps, you will start manifesting your desires. I know because I’ve done it myself. THIS is actually how I became a Love Coach. I went from “I’ll never meet the right guy!” into moving all across the globe to Australia to live with my soul mate. I know it works because of all the success stories of other women who have become my clients. And if we could do it, YOU CAN TOO!

What if I don’t have time for this? My life is way too busy!

That’s what I LOVE about e-courses! They are self-paced, meaning you can go through the lectures anytime you want! On your way to work, while cooking, waiting at the GP’s or right before falling asleep. The e-course is designed for 4 weeks as that’s the ideal pace however, taking a break for a few days or a week is no big deal. Once you download the materials you can always go back to them. You will literally have them for life.

I’ve got motivation & commitment issues. How do I stay accountable?

This is a serious thing you gotta consider, love. You have to make a conscious decision that you’re in. You have to go for it, commit to your own happiness and never look back. You have to want this like anything else. And if at any moment you’ll feel like you’re slipping and need some extra support, I’ll be here to provide you with my email support. Questions, clarifications, encouragement… That’s what I’m here for! To keep you right on track.

I’ve signed-up. What happens next?

After you buy the e-course you will receive a confirmation email from me. I will send you your first lecture within 24 hours (that’s because I still do it manually with my bear hands, heh). After that you will receive an email with the link to the audio lecture + complimentary worksheet every week. You can download all the materials into your computer, phone or mp3 player or view them directly in your browser.

I have signed-up but I haven’t received any confirmation email or materials. What do I do?

Ooops, technology! Firstly, check your SPAM folder to make sure my email hasn’t got filtered out. If you’re using Gmail then it might be somewhere in your Promotion inbox. Is it still nowhere to find? Email me at coaching@karolinadobrovska.com and I’ll help you out!

Is it really worth the money?

Depends on your priorities, lovely. All the materials that you will receive in the Happily Ever After! e-course are worth almost $500. However, there are sooooo many other ‘savings’ that you’ll make and that I can’t really put a price tag on. Like saving all the time wondering, worrying, doubting, crying, feeling lonely, lost, tired, stuck and uncool instead of actually living your life to the fullest. Considering that you can easily spend $119 for a nice pair of shoes or a dress, investing the same amount of money into YOURSELF sounds like a pretty good deal to me.;-)

What payment methods can I use?

The payment happens online and securely through PayPal. You can use either your credit card (MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, American Express & Direct Debit) or your own PayPal account. Once you’ll be redirected to the payment page you’ll be able to choose which payment method you want to use. If you want to use any other payment method like a bank transfer, just email me at karolina@karolinadobrovska.com and we’ll figure something out!

What if I don’t like the e-course? What’s the refund policy?

This has literally never happened but just to make sure you are backed-up in case you really do change your mind. After you receive the first lecture, you have 3 days (including the day of receiving) to cancel your order. I will refund the e-course price to you minus $25 for admin costs & materials already delivered.