All you need is love! But WHY?!


Love. We all want it. We all chase it. We all crave it. We simply can’t live without it!


But have you ever thought about WHY?!


Obviously, love feels really good!


It’s what makes you drive across the whole country to see the precious face of your best friend.


It’s that anger and frustration that turns into cuddles and acceptance anyways after your kid wakes up for the 7th time in one night.


It’s the often times sooo scary and yet, warm and soothing sparkle in your heart that eventually, makes you leave everything behind so that you can finally be with your soul mate.


But love is also why you even get up in the morning… And have breakfast… And get dressed. It’s what makes you brush your teeth twice a day.


It’s the driving force behind self-preservation.


If there was no love… There would be no you. 


So yes, love actually means SURVIVAL to us.


And when I first heard this idea a huge light bulb went on in my head. OMG, this makes so much sense! And what’s more, it totally puts things in perspective not only from a hippie point of view, but from the scientific one too!


Because no matter how great and transcendent we are as beings made from star dust, the truth is, we still live in our physical bodies (at least right now;-)! That’s the reality. Evolution is reality.  And that’s why I think it’s so super important to view every living being holistically. Because it all blends together.


It’s all about awareness. The more you know about how your body, mind and the spiritual unicorn self works, the fuller and much less confusing experience from life you get.;-)

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