Hi! I’m Karolina and I’m so happy you found me!

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself, mermaid!

I’m just an ordinary girl born in Prague, Czech Republic; a girl that has gone through some good as well as bad times like anybody else really.

Having parents who fought against the former communist regime in Czechoslovakia, I was raised with a deep desire to do something meaningful in my life and to keep making a difference. And yes (!), it took me a loooong time before I finally understood what that actually means!:-)

Fortunately, what brought me to Tarot alchemy and spiritual mentoring, wasn’t any shocking story (Thank you, whoever’s been watching over me up in there!), but rather a very simple thing; the usual, EVERY DAY HUMAN LIFE.

All the decision I couldn’t make because I had no idea what I actually wanted. All the regret over how different things should have been in the past. All the fear of what it might be like in the future. All the doubt about being capable enough, smart enough, thin enough… Good enough.

Long story short, no matter how good my life was, I was still lost. I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be… I knew only one thing; I reeeeally didn’t like to be me!

Until one day, after a pretty turbulent time in my life, I signed up for a Tarot reading course. And that’s where my life changed forever.

Thanks to the magic of Tarot I started seeing the experiences and situations in my life not as just some random acts of someone’s malevolence, but as meaningful and in fact, truly empowering lessons.

I started connecting with my intuition and trusting myself again. I got a glimpse of who I really was deep down under all that flesh and believes and started an amazing journey of self-discovery.

And trust me, it was no ‘waking up one day, realising what my purpose is’ kind of a scenario but rather a very bumpy and adventurous road!;–)

I started as a empowerment coach, then transformed into a love coach (that’s why you’ll still find my ‘Happily ever after!’ e-course in here, because it’s actually awesome :-) but eventually, I made a full circle when I realised my true passion lies in working with Tarot where it has all started.

Now, I’m not a psychic (I wish I was!), “just” a soul seeker maybe like yourself. Which is why the core of all my teachings and Tarot courses is FUN & EMPOWERMENT. Because I truly believe you don’t need any special skills or super powers to find the answers you’re looking for!

All you gotta do, is to be willing and open to play and allow the wisdom that’s already within you to get to the surface.

Short professional bio:

Karolína Dobrovská is a Tarot Alchemist and a ‘Back to yourself’ mentor for women. As a certified S.W.A.T. Institute Personal Empowerment Coach she combines the art of intuitive tarot readings with practical coaching tools so that her clients can not only finally hear the voice of their hearts, but translate it into intentional action too! Being a big fan of the human kind and different cultures Karolina has a Master of Science in Medical Anthropology which helps her to blend the best from both the Wester and Eastern well-being philosophies into a meaningful, holistic practice.

Appearances and featuring:

  • In 2013 Karolina made an interview with her favourite spiritual teacher, Teal Swan.
  • In Daily Telegraph Karolina was called “the love expert” and “Australia’s answer to hitch”.
  • Karolina’s articles were featured in the She ‘Said’ Magazine, Simply Woman Magazine and the Happiness & Wellbeing Magazine. 
  • In 2016 SBS radio made a story about Karolina’s  “Attracting Your Soul Mate” workshop

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