A love note. To YOU.

slunce ve vlasech

I know you, gorgeous.

I know who you are. You’re a woman with a huge beating heart, with an open, bright mind and with a soul that strives for love, freedom and expansion.

You’re a woman on a search for herself.

You’re so kind and compassionate… Full of ideas and great visions. Full of dreams about living life to the fullest.

You see all the good in the world and even in the darkest times, deep down you can still see that little light, you can still see hope.

You just don’t know how to truly touch and feel this divine sparkle that you know shines somewhere within you.

You forget about everything you know in the moments you need it the most and you need someone to remind you.

You’re a warrior. You stand up for your values and you’re willing to do the work.

You’re brave and courageous. You’re not afraid to dive deep and walk through the darkness.

The only thing you might need is someone to hold your hand while you’re there. Someone who’ll remind you who you really are and lets you know, that everything is ok no matter how fucked up everything might feel sometimes.

You want answers. What… Why… How…? And you’re ready to get cracked open to find them.

You want to reclaim you inner power and become the person you know you’re meant to be. In love. In hate. In joy. In pain. In life.

You’re amazing. You’re that type of person who makes me cry with gratitude. Because I respect you. I admire you. I know you know you don’t actually need me and yet, you bless me with the opportunity to get to know you… You let me in. So that I can see your spark and have the privilege to help you feed it into fire.

You trust me. I trust you.

You want me to be honest and I am. You know I will never judge you.

You know you and only you are responsible for your own life. You’re not seeking a quick fix. You know everything is in your hands.

You are ready.

You’re not looking for a saviour. You’re looking for a guide. For someone who will help you shine light on things you already know and have and who will help you to turn your shadows into your best friends.

You’re my sister.

And I look forward to every session with you. Because I love watching you bloom. I love seeing you loving yourself more and more every day.

I’m proud to know you. I’m inspired by you. And I’m honoured to watch you becoming you.


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