5 biggest tarot reading mistakes

So I’ve been told that the ’10 reasons why…’ or the ‘4 steps how…’ kind of articles and posts are really super successful, so here I come with one from my own production!:-))

But seriously, tho… So often we get stuck with our readings (or we stop doing them  completely!) because we make a couple of really easily preventable mistakes. But hey, that’s what all the learning process is for, right? For experimenting and trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you!;-)

Today, we’ll be looking at the following 5 biggest tarot readings mistakes:

  1. Having a ‘wrong’ intention
  2. Thinking from your head rather than your heart first
  3. Worrying about doing it ‘right”
  4. Focusing only on one aspect of the cards
  5. Not having a tarot journal

I hope you’ll have fun and let me know what you think!;-)


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