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Hello, treasure!

I’m Karolina and it’s such a pleasure to see you here! I’m a Tarot Alchemist and a ‘back to yourself’ mentor & teacher which means I help gorgeous souls like you to reconnect with their intuition & self-trust in order to live the life they want, rather than should.

Welcome, make yourself at home and just in case you’re feeling a bit blue today, click here to remember who you really are.;-)

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New Moon Reading: May 15th 2018

Hi everyone! Soooo, it looks like we’re heading into a bit of a shit storm this month. And I think it has already started at my home. Josefina is sick,…

New Moon Reading: March 17th 2018

Hey, magic makers! So the Moon has finished its run around Earth again and here’s another New Moon reading for you! This time it’s especially nice, full of calming and…

New Moon Reading: November 18th 2017

This reading is very beautiful. Wonderful cards! It’s a shame my baby brain can’t really express that accurately enough. #ohwell :D

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Live an authentic life.


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Dive into your inner landscapes

Rise up from your shadows

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Love. Trust. Respect. Harmony. Fun. Safety. Passion.

You CAN and you WILL create that and all your heart desires.

Single ladies, married ladies, all the ladies!


Come and meet me on one of my events! I’d love to say hi and see your lovely face while having a deep conversation or giggling over silly things!

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